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Excel spreadsheet formulas not updating

Alternatively, if the cell is selected you can use the Excel Shortcut command of CTRL 1 to bring up the Format Cells option box as below: With the Format Cells Options box open it is possible to clarify that the cell is indeed set to Text format and then change it to something more suitable, etc. After clicking OK notice that nothing has happened to the cell.The formula must be resubmitted for Excel to calculate it: You don’t need to type the formula again but you do need to go into the cell and hit the Enter key to resubmit it: Click inside the Formula box so your cursor is flashing inside it and then hit the Enter key to resubmit the formula, it will now update and your problem is solved: Important Note: If you experience this problem it is possible the entire row, column or even worksheet has been set to Text format.Chris B - I tried marking the file as Read Only - and it still opens with everything as errors.Robert - are you suggesting that I open the file in Excel and create a macro with the VBA code you have posted and run it?Any idea if the Lotus excel viewer is a program of their own?Maybe an alternative is to use the excel viewer Microsoft offers: In looking at these particular excel files, I have gone to the Data tab, Connections section and looked at Edit Links.There I find that there are references to two other files which we do not, and have never had.

I have Excel 2010 so cannot confirm how it did or did not work before.You can change this just as easily by selecting the row, column or entire worksheet and following the same process as above for changing the format of a single cell.The Automatic Calculations feature in Excel has been switched to Manual The other problem you can run into with Excel formulas not calculated is when the Automatic Calculations in Excel has been switched to manual.This problem is a little harder to spot at the outset because the first Excel formula entered will calculate when it is submitted, also other formulas will calculate when they are submitted individually but if you drag or copy the formula to other cells it will retain the first calculation and not re-calculate based on the new location.Example In this case the first formula submitted in Cell D2 (=B2/C2) calculates correctly after the formula is typed and the enter key is hit: When that Excel formula is dragged down to Cell D5 to calculate the other Areas Average Sales Value notice that the cells are all the same, the formula has changed but the cells have not recalculated, they still show the original result: This is a clear indication that the Auto Calculate feature in Excel has been switched to Manual so it needs to be changed back to get things working again.

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One reference is to an xlsm file and one is to an xls file - but as I said we've never had these files.